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How to apply for ZES

Post by Admin on Wed Nov 18, 2015 5:12 pm



To apply to join •ZES• fill out the following form:

In-game (Steam friends) Name:

Steam accountID/profile:



How long have you played CS:S Zombie Escape already?:

Are you often active and well known at (mostly i3d) zombie-escape servers?

Are you skilled at advanced movement, for example bhop and strafe-running?

You must agree to never use any form of hack, bhop script or anything similar that will give you an unfair advantage in-game

Why do you want to join •ZES•

Only answer the following if you have applied in the past:

In what way have you improved since your last application?

Don't just write one-word answers, the more you write the more would we see if you are appropriate for our clan.

After we have read your application, we will add you on steam friends and watch you in-game until we are absolutely sure if you would fit in our clan or not.

If you have epic skills and fun playing Zombie Escape with the •ZES• members you can be sure to be chosen! If your skills are insufficent, you can try again after some time.

It's also an advantage if you have played with us, •ZES•, before and if you are well known. It's always easier for us to take a person into our clan that we know, than a totally unknown person.

Good luck with your applications and we will see you on the servers!


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